HBAD-166 I'm Over 50, But I Couldn't Control Myself Seeing My Step Daughter's Precocious Big Tits

Enjoyable to watch. I love how the story progresses despite it has a slow pace. I think it was a good way in order to develop that sense of compliant to her step dad. At first it is more likely a harassment, building up that sense of fear then went to become submissive as he continue to molest Azusa-chan eventually lead up to sex. Adding the BF-GF situation, which caught by dad, doesn't really necessary but I understand why. In that scene, he showed to his step daughter that he is the only one owns Azusa-chan. He became furious and fuck her hard then he showed to Azusa-chan that she only belongs to him by cumming inside her. Later their relationship more likely become close as a sexual partner rather than a father-daughter.

On the other hand, the age gap of the Azusa-chan and male actor gives this movie more appealing to watch, at least for me. The acting of both actors performs well, I like how sneaky the step dad molesting Azusa-chan while his wife just feet away. The one in the dining table where step dad having his breakfast, he ask Azusa-chan, which she wears a school girl uniform and looking so fresh, to accompany him. His wife was in the lounge room, folding some clothes. Once Azusa-chan sat down, he start groping her huge breast. When wife walks into the other room, he give Azusa-Chan a kiss and break it once the wife back to the lounge. The wife almost caught him but didn't give malice or suspect something evil going on.